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  1. I got my customers dBase files and was able to view and access them. The sample files I downloaded may have been corrupt. I just want to let you know that you have a great product and I plan on purchasing it. Brad


  1. It really is a great little program. I use it a lot for viewing dBase files. I have a remark/suggestion for future releases. When printing a dbase adress file, sometimes I do not want to print all the fields, only a few (e.g. only the name and adress, and not children's names etc.) . So it would be nice if there was an option to choose what fields to print and which not. Bart Bouma (The Netherlands)


  1. I don't remember where I downloaded DBFView from. It was probably Tucows. I use it to figure out where Goldmine 5 puts its data. What do I like about DBFView? Mostly it's fast, easily portable,I can access dbf file format, I can sort columns (if I open the entire database into memory), I can show the configuration of all the fields in one place (the Info button) and I can edit. I couldn't ask for more. Oh, actually, I could: how about putting the file size (in KB) in the Info field so I can easily figure out how much RAM to assign to DBFView and open the entire dbf in memory. Victor


  1. Hello,
    I first found the program at the Norton Update Pro freeware and shareware listings and gave it a try. I liked it because it was very simple and I don't do a lot of database work, but occasionally need the capabilities to look through and modify one. Basically, it was inexpensive, easy and did what I wanted it to do without any costly extras or flash. Jimmy Old


  1. I am very interested in your dbf reader. But I have a question. Can you tell me how to use the dbfview to convert the attached file so I can use it to write program in SAS? Milanda


  1. Just wanted to let you know that your DbfView programme is a great piece of software. I have been looking for a small programme that does exactly this for a long time. I sometimes programme my own dbase IV databases using a programme called IconAuthor, which is really a CBT authoring package but is really good for bespoke flat file dbase databases, but then I need to view the database and be able to edit or print it out. This is where your software comes in and it does the job brilliantly. Thank you very much, your a star.Scott


  1. Hello,
    We develop application software using any kind of DBF format file. The DBF files generated (FoxPro DBFCDX in windows format) are different from the equivalent Visual FoxPro generated in DOS format: as a result of that the utilities I use to maintain the DBF files (mainly DBU of Clipper) are enable to manage all formats. I should have at least 3 versions of the same utility. For this matter I started a research on the web to find a more rational tool. I've downloaded several DBF managers very good products but they don't solve the compatibility problem. Only DBFView has the main feature I'm searching for : it recognizes the DBF format! And then the graphical interface of DBFView is very user friendly, agreeable to see, and the exe is very small. Mario Secco


  1. U are great!!!!!
    I've downloaded your DbfView 2.00. Now I can create dbf files! It's easy to use and powerfull. Thx very much.
    your friend Mac.Chen


  1. DBFView was recommended to me by the Miva Corporation for use in the Miva Merchant environment. This is an Xbase Merchant app. I downloaded it from your web site because it is very effective at performing file fixes.
    Thank You! Barry M.


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