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New! - DBFView 4.2

    * Fix with filtering date filelds.
    * Some minor fixes.

Download DBFView 4.1


DBFView 4.1

    * Full compatibility with Windows7.
    * DBFView lets you filter dbf files according to specific criteria. Any data not matching the specified criteria is hidden from view. Filtered data, however, can be easily viewed again by removing the filter. Filtering is especially useful in large tables when you need to work only with records meeting your precise criteria.

See more info about filtering your table here.

    * Some minor fixes.


DBFView 4.0

    * The import from XLSX dialog did not appear on some machines.
    * Minor fixes.


DBFView 3.9

    * Import in memo fields of the existing .dbf file data from XLS, XLSX and CSV files.


DBFView 3.7

    * Export DBF files with memo or binary data fields stored in DBT or FPT files to XLS, XLSX and CSV format.


DBFView 3.5

    * Import large csv files
    * Date conversion with import from csv


DBFView 3.4

    * Import from Excel for columns with names more than 8 symbols
    * Problem with re-openning bases with memo fields


DBFView 3.3

    * The issue appearing while exporting large files in Excel 2007 is fixed! If your file has more than 65.536 lines it will be split to several sheets (65.536 lines on each sheet).
    * Command line support!

Manual of command prompt mode
File options:
[-Iinputfile] input file name, example -Isample.dbf.
[-Oinputfile] output file name, example -Osample.xls.
Convert options:
[-DBFtoXLS] converts dBase file to Excel file.
[-XLStoDBF] converts Excel file to dBase file.
[-XLStoDBF] converts DBase file to CSV file.
Other options:
[-DELIMITER=,] or [-DELIMITER=;] a delimiter for CSV file.
[-HEADERS=0] does not include headers.
[-PROGRES=1] shows progres bar.
Example: DBFView.exe -Isample.dbf -Osample.xls -DBFtoXLS -PROGRES=1
To open file in GUI mode use: DBFView.exe filename.dbf

           * Files of all sizes are being sorted now!

Download DBFView 3.3


DBFView 3.2

    * Import/export support for Excel 2007!
    * Import XLSX files to DBF
    * Convert DBF to Excel 2007

Download DBFView 3.2


DBFView 3.01

    * Export dbf to csv format (File->Export to CSV)
    * Export dbf to xls format (File->Export to XLS)
    * Import csv to dbf (File->Import from CSV)
    * Import Excel to dbf (File->Import from XLS)
    * MS Windows Vista support - screen shot

Download DBFView 3.01


DBFView 2.03

    * Support for memo fields (dBaseIII/IV, FoxPro, VFP)
    * Export dbf to txt format (File->Export to TXT)
    * Export dbf to html format (File->Export to HTML)
    * Administrative password to lock the "Edit" mode (Options->Admin password)
    * Windows XP support - screen shot
    * New toolbar icons
    * Delete/Recall a range of records


DBFView 1.06

    * Print DBF info option and Print button in "Info" dialog
    * Right click context menu
    * Search by current column option in "Find" dialog
    * Progress bar during the search


DBFView 1.05

    * Some parts of DBFView code are rewritten in Assembler. It allowed to perform the basic database access operations more faster and reduce the exe file size to 198 Kb
    * Go to record #
    * Editing of the base field name (Tools -> Columns)
    * DBF file version in the Info dialog
    * DBF file size in the Info dialog and the status bar
    * More hot keys
    * Fixed some bugs in editing Numeric fields


DBFView 1.04

    * Support for character fields with length > 256
    * Excel-like movement between the cells using Tab and arrows keys. See also Options->General->Tab/Enter movement
    * Options->General->Default directory
    * Columns dialog (Menu->View->Columns). Allows to select the fields for view and print if you do not want to print/view all the fields, only a few
    * Resorting the table in the physical order by clicking on the first column header


DBFView 1.03

    * Zap. Removes all records from a table, leaving just the table structure
    * Pack Pack permanently removes all records marked for deletion in the current file
    * Fixed a bug in adding records to empty base


DBFView 1.01

    * Delete/Undelete records. You can Delete/Undelete the records by clicking on icon ( or ) to the left of the record.
    * Add a new record
    * Options: Get confirmations before Delete/Undelete/Add records
    * Installer/uninstaller
    * Bug in opening readonly files fixed


DBFView 1.00

    * Fixed significant memory & time requirement problem for large files opening. Now you can to open big files in a moment and read data directly from disk (see Options->File size)
    * Options dialog. General (Default: Edit mode/ Character set/ Save size & position), File size, Print (Column alignment/ Header & Footer)
    * Support for Visual FoxPro DBF format base
    * HTML Help
    * Fixed a problem in the definition of deleted records number


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